( Danses Enseignées Saison 2016-2017 en Cours de Country Line Dance & Zumba Fitness )

   Danses Enseignées en Zumba Fitness ADANC Saison 2016-2017

 Danses Enseignées en Country Line Dance ADANC Saison 2016-2017

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Lieux dans lesquels les danses sont enseignées:

LF La Faye

MB = Maine de Boixe

= Fouqueure

= Alloue

 Vs = Prestation Vars

K = Kids 8-12 ans La Faye

= Melle

 *** Country Line Dance "Débutant" 2016 - 2017 *** 
A Beautiful Girl     K - LF - F - A - Vs Kirsi-Marja Vinberg It Don't Get Better Than This - Rodney Crowell
Country As can Be   M - LF - A Vs K - F Suzanne Wilson Country As A Boy Can Be - Brady Seals
Hot Tamales  JR    M - F - LFVs     Séverine Fillion  A place to call home - John David Kent
Dime Store Cowgirl   A Agnès Gauthier Dime Store Cowgirl - Kacey Musgrave
Rain   M Vs - LF- F - MB  Kate Sala  Rain - Tanner Gonnes
Hey Girl      Vs - LF -  Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Come do a Little Life - Mo Pitney
Shore Thing   Vs  LF -  Eddie Huffman Shore Thing- Lucke Bryan
Hippie   Vs - LF - A Guylaine Bourdages Old Hippie- Bellamy Brothers
Hello Heart     Vs -  - LF DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Hello Heart - George Jones
I leave a light on   Vs - LF - F Marie Sorensen  I leave a light on - Alan Jackson
Thinking Country  Vs  - LF  Simon Ward  What was I thinkin - Dierk Bentley 
Another Country    Vs - LF - F Bruno Morel  Another Country - Rod Stewart
Get Down The Fiddle   Vs- LF - F Micaela Erlandsson  Louisiana Saturday Night - Robert Mizzell
Bring on the Good Times Vs - LF - F Gary O' Reilly & Maggie Gallagher Bring on the Good Times - Lisa Mc Hugh
On the Waves    LF Vs - F Audrey Watson Walking on the Waves - Shane Owens
Just like Redneck   Vs - LF - F Agnès Gauthier Just like Redneck - Shannon Lawson
My Tipperary Girl   - Vs- LF - F  Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Tipperary girl - Daniel O'Donell
Drinking with Dolly     Vs  LF - - A Séverine Fillion  Drinking with Dolly​ - Stéphanie Quayle
 *** Country Line Dance "Moyen - Novice" 2016 - 2017  ***
21 Summer    M - MB  A - Vs - F  Nathalie Bertizberea  21 Summer - Brother Osborne
Overrated     MB - Vs - F A Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Overrated - Tim McGraw
Six pack Summer  F Dan Albro & Mike Camara Six pack Summer - Phil Vassar
Patsy Fagan     F Francien Sittrop  Patsy Fagan - Derek Ryan 
Sweet Summer  MB - Vs  A Chrystel Durand & Jerémy Souppart Missing You - JohnWaite & Alison Krauss
Love is like    Vs  Maggie Gallagher Love is - Rod Stewart
Village     MB  - Vs -  Magali Chabret  Village - Cam
A Country High   Vs - MB - F A  Norman Gifford High On A Country Song - Sam Riggs
Locklin’s Bar    F - Vs Maggie Gallagher Locklin’s Bar – Michael English
Vandrern   MB Vs Evelyne Gaeremynck Vandrern - Plumbo
Hot and Hazy    P. Fleming, B.E. Potter & J.P. Potter Never Loved Before / Alan Jackson & Martina McBride
Mustangs   A Linda Sansoucy Where The Mustangs Can Run Free - Mark Everett 
Ex's and Oh's     Vs  - F  Amy Glass Ex's and Oh's - Elle King
Mountains to the sea   MB - F Vs Maggie Gallagher Maggie Gallagher - Mary Black Feat. I May
Gypsy Queen    - Vs Hazel Pace  Gypsy Queen - Chris Norman
I leave a light on   Vs  Marie Sorensen  I leave a light on - Alan Jackson
Making me feel    MB Vs M. Glover & R. McEnaney Making Me Feel - Laura Bell Bundy
Call Me    - MB Darren "Daz" Bailey Mhy haven't I heard from you? -  Reba McEntire
The Boots  MB Bernadette Vrillaud Boots - Joey + Rory
Sinner    Vs Roy Hadisubroto & Roy Verdonck Sinner - Andy Grammer
Angel of the night   Vs - MB Lorna Mursel Angel of the night - Derek Ryan
Triple Cross   F Dan Albro Wasted Time - Keith Urban 
Hit the Diff     MB Vs Guylaine Bourdages  Hit the Dif - Richie Remo 
Sunbeam   F Bruno Moggia Sunbeam- Jack County
Celtic Teardrops   MB Maggie Gallagher Only teardrops - Emmelie de FOREST
Do You Love Me   Vs Rob Fowler  Do You Love Me - The Contours 
Rum is the Reason  MB Vs Severine Fillion  Rum is the Reason - Toby Keith
Lucky You    F Ami Carter Lucky You - The Jane Dear Girls
Vegas Baby    MB R. McEnaney/ N.Poulsen/S.McKeever Vegas Baby - Si Cranstoun
Come on Down    F Gudrun Schneider  Come on Down - High Valley
Dancing around it   MB Dan Albro Dancing around it - Charles Kelley
Some Day    F Severine Fillion  Some day - The Washboard Union
We go home     MB Dirk Leibing We go home- Adam Cohen
Chasing down a good time    MB Vs Dan Albro Chasing down a good time​ - Randy Houser
Irish Potatoes   F Syndie Berger Urban Trad - Vigo
Billy's dance   A Pierre Mercier.​ San Francisco - Olsen Brothers
Hold On Forever    F Darren Bailey Hold On Forever - Rob Thomas
I Must be dreaming   MB  Vikki Morri Don't wake me up -Bo Walton
 *** Country Line Dance "Intermédiaire / Avancé "  2016 - 2017  ***
Your Side Of Town    LF - MB  Neville Fitsgerald & Julie Harris Your Side Of Town - Maddie & Tae
Bring Down The House    LF - MB  A S. Cormier & D.Henley Bring Down The House - Dean Brody
So Sorry Mama      MB - LF  Kate Sala & Rob Fowler  So Sorry Mama - Witney Duncan 
Twist & Turns      MB - LF  Maddison Glover Tomorrow never comes - Zac Brown Band
Somebody Like You    MB LF Alan Birchall  Somebody Like You - Keith Urban
Love Song    MB  Jérôme Massiasse Another Love Song - Haley & Michaels
To Be In Love    LF - MB  Severine Fillion  Love would be enough - Dean Brody
Kick a little dirt around    MB  Heather Barton & Rob Fowler Kick a little dirt around - David Shelby 
Way way back    LF - MB  Guillaume Richard Way Way Back - Luke Bryan
Sofia     LF - MB Francien Sittrop  Sofia - Alvaro Soler 
Second Hand Heart      LF - MB Maggie Gallagher  Second Hand Heart - B.Haenow &  K.Clakson
Molly Malone  LF - MB Noria Bouachi Molly Malone - Puca
Haggar, Hank & Her     MB LF Jef Camps & Daisy Simons  Haggar, Hank & Her  - Toby Keith 
Dig Your Heels  MB LF Maddison Glover Here's to You and I - The McClymonts
Dear Friend     MB LF Vs Kate Sala  Carry you home - Ward Thomas
Fly Baby Fly   MB LF  Sebsatien Emond & Roxane Auclair  Fly on the Wings of love - Olsen Brothers
Material   MB LF  Catherine Cox Material - Ward Thomas
Wonder     MB  R.Fowler - R.Verdonk - S.Fillion Wonder - Josh Turner
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