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Danses Country Débutant "Kids & Adultes"
 COTTON EYED JOE (Partner)  INCONNU Cotton Eyed Joe - Rednex
 SINGING COWS Animateurs ADANC 2010 Only In America - Brooks & Dunn
 A BEAUTIFUL GIRL   Kirsi - Marja Vinberg It Don't Get Better Than - Rodney Crowell
 LINDI SHUFFLE Jane Smee Billy Bill -  Twister Alley
 JENNY LEE  Franck Trace Jenny Lee - Jason Allen
 SEMINOLE WIND Version Western City Seminole Wind - John Anderson
 COUNTRY AS CAN BE  Suzanne Wilson Country As A Boy Can Be - Brady Seals
 WAYFARING STRANGER   Joyce Nicholas Wayfaring Stranger - Trace Adkins
 GIRL THINGS  (Partner) Manon Lamothe It's A Girl Thing - Jesse Lee
 STEALING THE BEST       Rosi Multari Dance Above The Rainbow - Ronan Hardiman
 CHICA BOOM BOOM   Vikki Morris Boom Boom Goes My Heart - Alex Swings Oscar Sings
 LET'S HAVE FUN     Magali Chabret Burning Love - Travis Tritt
 COUNTRY WALKING  Teree de Sarro Old Pop In An Oak - Rednex
 EASY DOES IT    Nancy  Morgan Fletcher One Of The Guy'S - Kelly Pickler
 MARIE  (Partner) Micheline Tremblay Marie - Julian Austin
 EASY CHA CHA  Chatti The Valley Just Be Your Tear - Tim McGraw
 AB WALTZ  Val Myers Lonely Too - LeeAnn Womack
 ROLIE POLIE OLIE   Kelli Haugen Roly Poly - The Dixie Chicks
 LOVE TRICK    Rachael McEnaney What’s Not To Love - Trick Pony
 PEACHES & CREAM   Peter Metelnick You’re Sixteen - Ringo Starr
 BOOT SCOOTING BOOGIE  Bill Bader Boot Scootin' Boogie - Asleep At The Wheel
 BABY CHARLESTON    Magali Chabret Up On The Ridge - Dierks Bentley
 LOOK FOR A STAR     Gary Miles (aka Gary S. Paxton) Staying In Love - The Bellamy Brothers & Freddy Fender
 EASY COME, EASY GO Debbie Moore Any Man of Mine - Shania Twain
 NEVER ENDING LOVE FOR YOU     Gylaine Bourdages Never Ending Love Song - Osmond Brothers
 SHAKIN MIX      Yvonne Vav Baalen Hitmix - Shakin' Stevens
 CUT A RUG      Jo & Rita Thompson Roll Back The Rug - Scooter Lee
 CRUSIN    Neil Hale What a Crying Shame - The Mavericks
   Danses Country Moyen (Novice)
 TO HELL & BACK  Rob Folwer & Kate Sala  If You're Going Through - Rodney Atkins
 TOES  Rachel Mac Enaney Toes - Zac Brown Band
 JAMBALAYA   Ian St Leon Jambalaya - Led Loader & The Barrels
 BILLY'S DANCE   Pierre Mercier San Francisco- Olsen Brothers
 DRUNK'N LOVE WALTZ  Louise Elfvengren Being Drunk's A Lot Like Loving You -
 Kenny Chenney
 ACTION    Darren Bailey A Little Less Talk & A Lot More Action - Toby Keith
 HOOKED ON COUNTRY   Jim Ferrazzano Just Hooked On Country - Atlanta Pops Orchestra
 ROSE GARDEN Michel Chandonnet &
 Marc Archambault
 I Never Promised you a Rose Garden-  
 Martina McBride
 CELTIC CT    Joan X Targa Carrio Rokjes - K3
 AMBER    Mary Kelly Live to Love Another Day - Keith Urban
 HOME TO LOUISIANA    Gilles Labrecque Home to Louisiana - Ann Tayler
 BURNING LOVE Christian Sildatke            Burning Love - Travis Tritt
 DRIVES ME CRAZY    Andrew Palmer - Simon J. & Sheila A. Cox Drives me Crazy - Dolly Parton
 OPERATOR CHA CHA    Darren "Dazza" Bailey Operator, Operator - Eddy Raven
 SUGAR & PAI     Keli Haugen Sugar & Paï - The Boots Band
 WAVE ON WAVE      Alan Birchall Wave on Wave - Pat Green
.Danses Country Intermédiaire
 TANGO WITH THE SHERIFF Adrian Chum Cha Tango - Dave Sheriff
 JIG IT UP   Maggie Gallagher            Toss The Feathers - The Corrs
 GOOD TO BE US  Darren "Daz" Bailey & Lana Williams    It's Good To Be Us - Bucky Covington
 MEXICALI  Robbie McGowan Hichkie - Rotheley  Mexico - Tobias Rene
 ASKIN' QUESTIONS Larry Bass Askin' Questions - Brady Seals
 DROWSY MAGGIE    Maggie Gallagher & Keresley Coventry Drowsy Maggie - Fables
 RHYME OR REASON  Rachael McEnaney It Happens - Sugarland
 MARY MARY    Darren "Dazz" Bailey Mary - Zac Brown Band
 I TELL MY MOM INCONNU Tell Me Ma – Sham Rock
 FISHER'S HORNPIPE  Val Reeves Fishers Hornpipe - David Schnaufer
 THE WORLD    Maggie Gallagher The World - Brad Paisley
 QUARTER AFTER ONE     Levi J. Hubbard Need You Now - Lady Antelbellum
 STILL IN LOVE    Gerda Klien Still In Love With You - Travis Tritt
 HALLELUJAH   Adriano Castagnoli Joy’s Gonna Come In The Morning - Samaritans
 BANJO TUNE   Magali Chabret Poison - BR5-49
 BEEN RIGHT  (Partner)   Carina Slijters Ain't Been Right, Since I've Been Left - Dale Watson
 MEXICAN WIND (Partner)  Julie & Steve Ebel Mexican Wind - Jan Browne
 JUMP JUMP JUMP   Séverine Fillion Thump - Adam Brand
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