Danses Enseignées en Cours ADANC Saison 2011-2012 - Fiches - Chorégraphies - Musiques

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Danses Country Débutant "Kids & Adultes"
Welcome  Sanna ALPSJODixie Chicks - Everybody Knows
Keep Your Partner Magali CHABRETBomshel - Bomshel Stomp
Uh-Huh   Jo & Rita THOMPSONScooter Lee - Last time Uh-huh
My First  Steps Barbara HILEGeorge Strait - I should have watched that first step
Swingin' Thing   Jo & Rita THOMPSONScooter Lee- Honey Hush
A Beautiful Day    Gaye TEATHERDave Sheriff - A Beautiful Day
Gone to Kentucky  Magali CHABRETGenevieve Spalding - Gone to Kentucky
Looking Good   Darren "Daz" BAILEYThe Raybon Brothers - The way she's looking
K Step Boogie  Michele BURTON & Jo THOMPSON SZYMANSKIScooter Lee - Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy
Where I Belong  Maggie GALLAGHERAlan Jackson - That’s where I belong
This & That   Gary LAFFERTYMark Chesnut - Woman 
Big Love In Town  Séverine FILLIONSarah Johns - Big love in a small town
Quesi Queno Linda De FORDJody Bernal - Que Si Quino
Anything Goes Gérard PERRAUD & Lynne FLANDERS Josh Turner - Why don't we just dance
Charleston Bump  Bill "Peanut" RICETim McGraw - I like it, I love it
Pound SignGuylaine GAGNEKevin Fowler - Pound Sign
Almost Cha Cha  D.J. LANSAWBrooks & Dunn - Néon Moon
Foxy Girl    Frank TRACEThe Derailers - Bad Bad Girl 
Coastin Ray & Tina YEOMANRonan Hardiman- Lord of the Dance 
Jambalaya Partner Peter METELNICK

Eddy Raven & Jo El Sonner - Jambalaya on the bayou
Travis Tritt - Still in love with you

Cadillacs and Caviar Sue Ann EHMANNThe Zac Brown Band - A different Kind of Fine
Urban Life  A.T. JOVEN Keith Urban - Better Life
Something in the Water Niels B.POULSENBrooke Fraser - Something in the Water
 Danses Country Moyen (Novice)  
Walking Shoes  Bruno MORELTanya Tucker - Walking Shoes
Hurricane (T&G)Sal GONZALEZCarlene Carter - Hurricane
Country 2 Step   MASTERS IN LINEJerry Kilgore - I just want my baby back
Ridin'    Dave INGRAMThe Rednex - Ridin Alone
Feel Like a Fool   Sue WILKINSONKenny Rogers - Someone must feel like a fool
Loreley"Countrybell" Manuela BELLOBlackmores Night - Loreley
Foxy Girl     Frank TRACEThe Derailers - Bad bad girl
Wave on Wave    Alan BIRCHALLPat Green - Wave on wave 
Stop Crying    Cati TORRELLAToby Keith - I'm so happy that I can't stop crying
The Cursty Cross Jim VIVISAlan Jackson - Pop a Top
Cumbia Semana   Ira WEISBURDFito Olivares - Fin de semana
Mexico Shuffle Linda SANSOUCYBlaine Larsen - I've been in Mexico
Celt's FireKim RAYRonan Hardiman- Dance above the rainbow
Rock Around the Clock  InconnuBill Hayley & the Comets - Rock Around the Clock
Wishful Thinking   Jim O’NEILLRodney Crowell - Lovin all Night 
Summer Fly  Geoffrey ROTHWELLHayley Westenra- Summer Fly 
Enjoy the Life Séverine FILLIONBurns & Poe - Life's too Short
CCSTracy DAVIS & Joerg HAMMERDavid Tracy  - If I Never Stop Loving You
White Rose Gaye TEATHERToby Keith - White Rose
Gotta Keep Praying Yvonne VAN BAALENPaul Overstreet - Till the Answer comes
Danses Country Intermédiaire
(Every) Cotton Pickin Morning  Steve MASONBlake Shelton - Cotton Pickin' Time
Beer For My Horses   Christine BASSToby Keith - Beer For My Horses
If You Think It's Over  John WHIPPLE & Phyllis CANNON WHIPPLEGeorge Strait - Easy Come, Easy Go
Jump, Jump, Jump Séverine FILLIONAdam Brand - Thump
Not Fair   Kaie SEGERLily Allen - Not fair 
Drives Me Crazy    Andrew Palmer - Simon J. & Sheila A. CoxDolly Parton - Drives me Crazy
Trailerhood  Peter METELNICK & Alison BIGGSToby Keith - Trailerhood
Mexico Shuffle  Linda SANSOUCYBlaine Larsen - I've Been in Mexico  
Been Right (Partner)  Carina SlijtersAin't Been Right, Since I've Been Left - Dale Watson
Make This Day   Rachael McENANEYThe Zac Brown Band - Make This Day
Knee Deep  Peter METELNICK & Alison BIGGSThe Zac Brown Band & Jimmy Buffet - Knee Deep
Bobbi with an I   Rachael McENANEYPhil Vassar - Bobbi With An I
I Run to You Rachael McENANEYLady Antebellum - I Run To You
Danses Country Intermédiaire/Avancé
ELT  Danny LECLERCCarlène Carter - Every Little Thing
Go Mama Go   Kate SALAAnn Tayler - Let your Momma go 
Giddy on up    Guillaume RICHARDLaura Bell Bundy - Giddy on up
The Gambler    Guy DUBÉ & Denis HENLEYKenny ROGERS - The Gambler ( Robert Wilsdon remix )
Cliché  Kate SALATravis TRITT - Modern day Bonnie and Clyde
Twinkle  LADIES out of ControlBrady Seal - Summer Night Lovin'You
Celtic Of Ireland Lolita TOURNATORYDancing With Celts - The Morning Dew
The Flute   Maggie GALLAGHERThe Barcode Brothers - Flute
It's not OK Stéphanie CORMIER & Nicholas LACHANCEThe Zac Brown Band - It's not OK
Rolling in the Deep Maggie GALLAGHERAdèle - Rolling in the Deep 
Jackson Strait Dan ALBROJulie Roberts - Unlove me
Footloose Rob FOLWERBlake Shelton - Footloose
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