Danses Enseignées 2012-2013 en Cours Country Line Dance & Zumba Fitness ADANC

 Danses Enseignées en Zumba Fitness ADANC Saison 2012-2013

Danses Enseignées en Country Line Dance ADANC Saison 2012-2013

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 Country Line Dance  "Kids "   
 Go Cat Go  Gaye Teather Go cat go - Please Mama Please
 Cheyenne   Inconnu I feel lucky tonight - Shania Twain
 Nomes per tu Amics des country S&S Follow the star - George McAnthony
 A to C  
 Suzanne Oates Don't rock the jukebox - Alan Jackson
 Bandido's last ride    Gaye Teather    Dave Sheriff
 Spring Rain  Jo Thompson Szymanski & Michelle    Burton Latter Rain - Scooter Lee
 This Country's Rockin'   Marie Sorenson - Sunshine Cowgirl This Country's Rockin - The Judds
 Ghost Train  Kathy Hunyani Ghost Train - Australia's Tornado
 Hillbilly Dirty Dance  Michèle Godard Hillbilly Dirty dance - Tommy Townsend
 Springsteen   Chrystel Durand Springsteen - Erich Church
 Proud Mary Burning Sobrielo Philip Gene Prou Mary - Glee Cast
 Country Line Dance "Débutant" 
 Cheyenne   Inconnu I feel lucky tonight - Shania Twain
 Go Cat Go    Gaye Teather Go cat go - Please Mama Please
 Sunshine   Barbara Lowe It's alright to be a redneck - Alan Jackson
 Gold Digger     Rachel McEnaney Gold Digger - Jody Booth
 Nomes per tu    Amics del country S&S Follow the star - George McAnthony
 A to C  Suzanne Oates Don't rock the jukebox - Alan Jackson
 Crying My Heart (partner)   Stéfan-Ozz Crying my heart over you - Ricky Skaggs
 Spring Rain   Jo Thompson Szymanski & Michele Buton Latter Rain - Scooter Lee
 Slipped & Fell   Rob Fowler I slipped & fell in love - Alan Jackson
 Little Rhumba  Donna Laurin Like She's Not Yours - The Bellamy Brothers
 Ghost Train    Kathy Hunyani Ghost Train - Australia's Tornado
 H2 O2  Chris Hodgson Water - Brad Paisley
 AB Waltz     Val Myers Lonely Too - LeeAnn Womack
 Margartias & Senoritas  Marie Sorensen Margaritas & Senoritas - Brushwood
 Feels like rockn' roll     David Linger Feels like rockn' roll - Bouke
 Everybody Knows      Jane Thorpe Everybody Knows - Dixie Chicks
 Good Day to Run   Benny Ray A good day run - Darryl Worley
 All You Need     Robbie McGowan Hickie All you really need is love - Brad Paisley
 Long Long Way (partner)  D.J Dan & Wynette Miller Long Long Way - Alan Jackson
 Colorado Girl  Dan Albro Colorado Girl - High Rollers
 Celtic Slide    Jenifer Wolf Cry of the Celts
 Country Line Dance "Moyen- Novice"
 A fine place to start     Robbie Halvorson A real fine place to start - Sara Evans
 Jacobs Ladder   Gordon Elliott Blue Rodeo - The Woolpackers
Wild Stallion     Hillbilly Rick Wild Stallion - Mariotti Brothers
 Bandido's last ride    Gaye Teather Bandido's last ride - Dave Sheriff
Baby Bubbles     Gaye Teather Love done gone - Billy Currington
 Celtic Angel   Magali Chabret Rubiercos de HEVIA
 Springsteen   Chrystel Durand Springsteen - Erich Church
 Here for a good time  Thierry Willemin Here for a good time - George Strait
 Kickin' Boots  Kelli Haugen I'm on my way - The Boots Band
 Gotta Keep Praying  Yvonne Van Baalen Till the answer comes - Paul Overstreet
 Hillbilly Dirty Dance  Michèle Godard Hillbilly Dirty Dance - Tommy Townsend
 Go Seven     Ria Vos Seven lonely days - Bouke
 Cooley's Reel   Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Cooley's Reel Sharon Corr
 Pontoon  Gail Smith Pontoon - The Little Big Town
 Country Line Dance "Intermédiaire"
 I Saw Linda Yesterday    Derek Robinson I saw Linda yesterday - Black Jack
 Bad Things  Bill Goodlad Bad Things - Jace Everet
 Time that it would take   Lindy Bowers & Janis Graves The time that it would take - Toby Keith
Old Friend    Edward Lawton My Old friend - Tim McGraw
 Sally Ann    Karine Belpalme Who's gonna dance with Sally Ann - Robert Mizzell
 Jackson Strait  Dan Albro Unlove me - Julie Roberts
 Alabama Slammin'    Rachael McEnaney If you want my love - Laura Bell Bundy
 I'm No good   Rachael McEnaney I'm no good for ya baby - Laura Bell Bundy
 Rock Paper Scissors   Maggie Galagher Rock Paper Scissors - Katsenjammer
 Talk is Cheap  Séverine Fillion Talk is Cheap - Alan Jackson
 Skiffle Time      Darren "Daz" Bailey Mamma don't allow - The Jive Aces
 Singing me home  Francoise Guillet Singing me home - Lady Antebellum
 Boys & Girls    Gary Lafferty If I were a boy - Reba McEntire
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